Lenses: Materials, Tints and Special Features

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1. There are a variety of prescription lenses available to get the ideal solution for your vision.

After the home eye test and frame selection, the optical dispenser or optometrist will discuss the lens options available for your eyes.

Depending on your specific requirements and prescription there is a wide range of lenses available:

home eye testSingle vision

home eye testBifocal 

home eye testVarifocal

2. There are a selection of lens tints, coatings and upgrades available that can be very beneficial to you for example:

home eye testPhotochromic

home eye testPolarised

home eye testHigh index

home eye testThinner lenses,

home eye testAnti glare

home eye testAspheric lenses

3. Our high quality lenses are available in the following materials : Glass, plastic and polycarbonate.

home eye testAll of this will be discussed with you by our friendly and well trained staff.

home eye testVarious products are available to enhance and improve your lifestyle, at HomeSight your vision is our priority

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Lens Tints and special features

Always ensure that your eyes are protected against the harmful UV rays.

home eye testPhotochromic lenses

Exposure to light results in these lenses to react and change tint. Indoors and in dull conditions the lenses have a neutral tint and change when exposed to bright light according to intensity of light.

home eye testPolarised lenses
Very High Technical lenses that eliminates almost all horizintal glare and block out 100% UV light. This lenses improve comfort in bright light and is ideal for outdoor use, such as driving and walking.

home eye testHi Index lenses
A new denser plastic material than the traditional CR39 lens is used. The lenses made with this are thinner and lighter. These lenses absorb UV light and are already treated to reduce scratching.

home eye testAspheric lenses
This is used to create a thinner lens that is less distorted than the traditional lenses. This lens is lighter and is ideal for higher prescriptions and better to use in lighter frames.

home eye testAnti Reflection coating
An anti reflection coating eliminates distracting reflections and improves vision.

Plastic lenses (CR39)

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Quality Glass Lenses

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Polycarbonate Lenses

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