faq on home eye test in london

I am over 60 years of age. Am I entitled to a free NHS eye test at home?

If you need help or assistance to get to a high street optician for an eye test, then you are eligible for this service.

How will I know that I am entitled to a FREE home eye test?

Will I be entitled to a free frame?

Yes, if you are eligible and entitled to NHS optical vouchers.

How will I know the optometrist or staff is from HomeSight ?

All team members carry an identity badge which includes their company ID Number & Name. The Optometrists have all had a Disclosure Certificate through the Disclosure and Barring Service (Formerly the CRB) and is registered with both the General Optical Council (GOC) the Association of Optometrists and your local Primary Care Trust. If you have any concerns, call us to check.

Is the eye test the same as at a High Street practice?

Yes. All aspects of the examination will be carried out in the same way as it would be in a High Street practice. Modern mobile equipment, will be used by the optometrist to perform the same tests, sometimes using different types of devices.

What do I need to sign for my NHS test?

Proof of eligibility will be requested by your optometrist, as required under current regulations. For the vision test to be performed, you will be required to sign a General Opthalmic Services application form. Signing this form is also confirmation of your entitlement, in the case of evidence not being available.

Will I be able to choose spectacles?

Yes you will. View our comprehensive range – click here

How long for delivery of the spectacles?

Usually between 1 & 3 weeks.

How often should my eyes be examined?

Adults (ages 40 – 64) should have their eyes examined every two years
Seniors (over 65 years of age) should have their eyes examined every year.
As a precaution to determine the presence of serious eye conditions.

High risk adults include:

* People with diabetes
* People with glaucoma or strong family history of glaucoma
* People with AIDS/HIV

How will I receive my spectacles?

Your completed spectacles will be delivered and fitted by a member of the HomeSight dispensing team at your home.


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