Take care of your spectacles

  • It is important to take good care of your spectacles. You can extend the life time of your spectacles by taking good care of it. Use an appropriate cleaner and cloth specially developed for the cleaning of lenses, to prevent lenses from being scratched.
  • Take great care in ensuring that they are not put ‘face down’ to prevent lenses from being damaged. Avoid leaving spectacles on the floor, bed or any area where it can be sit upon. Make use of a protective case when not using your spectacles.

Our Aftercare Services

  • As part of HomeSight’s home visit services, we also provide you with free after care services throughout the year.


  • When your spectacles are ready for delivery, one of our optical assistants will deliver your spectacles directly to you. We fit and make sure you are most comfortable with your new spectacles.
  • During this visit we will make sure your reading and distance vision is as prescribed.
  • Delivery normally takes between 2 and 3 weeks.
  • For any advice, information or if you want to discuss spectacle repairs, adjustments call us on our Freephone or send an email.

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