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Eye Care at Home Made Simple in 4 Easy Steps

Homesight provides professional eye care services at home to those who cannot visit a high street optician unaccompanied
due to physical or mental disability.

We service the whole South East England.

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If your eye test shows that you need glasses, we will supply you with your brand new glasses.

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“Life gets explored through the eyes. It is man’s greatest investment. Nurture and Care for it as if it is your last asset ~ Unknown”


eye test at home - home eye test

“I found the staff very polite and professional.
Nothing is too much trouble for them.
Many thanks for your services.” – Chris

home eye test testimonials

“Very professional team! Both staff
members were patient & sensitive.”
– Pauline

eye test at home testimonials

“Highly recommend this company!
Thank you for an excellent service.”
– Julie

Eyecare in the comfort of your home

NHS Accredited Eye Test at Home

  1. We bring specialised and professional eye care to your home by our qualified and experienced optometrists and eye health staff.
  2. This service is free of charge for NHS eligibility.Eye Test at Home
  3. Our courteous, experienced optometrists perform the full range of optical services while you relax at home.
  4. Upon your request, you will also be provided with valuable information regarding eye conditions.
  5. Should you require new spectacles, the Optical Dispenser will assist you in the selecting from our extensive up to date range of frames and lenses, according to your individual needs.
  6. See if I am eligible.
  7. Eye test at home made simple and easy.

We have provided ‘At Home’ eye care in the community for many years because we care about your vision.

The Home Eye Test

In the comfort of your own home your eye care specialist will bring you the best mobile eye care services available. Our optical health care staff are experienced, fully qualified and adhere to all the necessary checks and registrations needed for the best eye care of our customers. The equipment that we bring to your home is top of the range, latest technology, specially developed for mobile eye care.Eye Test at Home

Let HomeSight look after the well being of your eyes through our mobile eye test service.

Top Eye Test at Home Mobile Service!